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09 Islamic Naat Khawan visits Southall

Thu 01 Oct 2020

On his travels, the well respected and famous naat Khawan Al-Haj Khurshid Ahmad stopped in Southall. He became the guest of honour at the weekly Friday zikr (religious gathering) at the Jamia Masjid Islamic Center in Townsend Road. He recited some of his naats during the Maghrib and Isha prayers.

On hearing his naat about the desire to visit Medina (the resting place of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)), one local businessman was so moved by this that he immediately offered him a ticket for Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia – one of the 5 pillars of Islam).

On learning that the naat Khawan was not travelling alone, the attendee increased his offer to 2 tickets. The surprise and appreciation was clear to see on the face of Al-Haj Khurshid Ahmad, who is well known for his naats including “Yeh sub tumhara karam hai Aqa” and “Koi saleeqa hai arzoo ka, na bandagi mere bandagi hai”.

Although this was a weekly event, the mosque was full of worshippers, as if it was the monthly events that regularly that place there. Neither was it the first that that the same devotee of naats had offered tickets for Hajj, whether to naat Khawan or people in the audience. This was in the memory of his beloved mother.

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